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"A Life of Unlearning is compelling, refreshing reading. It's not a diatribe, not angry or bitter. It's simply one mans story, simply told, with authenticity and, one senses, a great deal of love. However, there is also pain here, and it runs deep, and cannot help but touch the reader, deeply, eye to eye, with a steady, confident gaze. This book looked into my soul, at first convicting me, then educating me, then drawing me into a narrative of deep yearning, love, tragedy and compassion, finally helping me better understand my own place in the matrix of affirmation, social inclusion and justice for the LGBT community"  Jo Hilder (read full review on

"Thank you for enlightening my world & I can confidently say changing it forever……."Janet (a Christian mother whose son left the church and his marriage of 3 years after accepting the fact that he was gay)

"My future of 'unlearning’ has begun thanks to you. You are truly a wonderful inspiring human being bringing awakening & happiness to all who are touched by your life. Thank you for your total honesty and willingness to put it all out there without fear of what people will say, because you now know who you are. The gift of your life has certainly affected us in an amazing way"…… Angela, mother of a gay 22 year old son. 

"The final chapters of your book broke my heart! I had to put it down almost every paragraph to refocus my puffy red eyes. I had a moment where something inside me wanted not to be broken anymore. For the first time I wasn't convincing myself that I was loved and valued and that everything was ok. I actually knew it." Matt 22 (London)

"Wow! Thanks for writing your book which has given me insight & some much needed healing"…….Trish (a mother whose 15 year old son required psychiatric treatment, after attending a Christian school and being taught ‘all homosexuals will burn in hell’)

"I'm 63... I wept as I read your first chapter. I too, have fought the battle. Your book gives hope to men like me".……..... George from Canada 

"At 43 years old I attempted suicide. I believed that I was a worthless abomination to God. Thank you for your autobiography, which I hope, will help many." John (Ex Baptist minister)

"Your penned words certainly describe how I feel. I'm not sure that I could endure the pain, hurt, guilt, and shame, lost as you have. I commend you for your courage"….. Nikko (Japan)

".. it is a superb book...absolutely gripping... I didn’t want it to end....I know this book will touch lives"... Steve (ex Pentecostal minister)

"Thank you for writing your book …… I couldn’t put it down until I finished reading it! After reading I guess I felt a little less alone, and helped me view life much more positively……thank you"…..George 

"It's 6 am and I've just finished reading your book, which I was unable to put down. Thank you so much for writing about your really quite extraordinary life with such vividness and emotional candour, and for the message of hope that underpins it"……..Steve 

"It had me completely spellbound until I finally turned the last page"..…Peter (heterosexual Christian)

"I would say it is the most valuable book I will ever read......... I have been in limbo not being able to understand him or what he was going through.....but reading your story has helped put the pieces of the puzzle together"...... Margaret (whose husband came out 2 years ago at the age of 62 after 29 years of marriage)

"I am 68 years... happily married as far as possible for almost 49 years...A Life of Unlearning told my own story in so many ways...... my wife could not put the book down either... a wonderful inspiration"......William
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