Why three editions?

The audio version of the first edition of 'A Life of Unlearning: Coming out of the church; one man's struggle' (2004) is still available through Itunes,, and other sites.

The second edition of 'A Life of Unlearning: a journey to find the truth' (2007 paperback) sold out. (but some resellers on sites like are selling them for outrageous prices) 

A revised and updated third edition 'insert new title here' will be available mid to late 2013 in a variety of formats (eg hardcopy, Ebook, iBooks, Kindle, ePub etc.) To be notified when the revised and updated third edition is available please join my newsletter list here

Why a revised third edition?

Fundamentally the underlying story of the strugglle trying to change my sexual orientation remains the same. However, since the first edition was published (May 2004) and second edition (2007), I’ve reconnected with almost everyone from my past and researched extensively. Therefore, I have a much deeper insight and substantial new information to share with readers. A Life of Unlearning’ is being completely re-written from page one and will include an additional 100 pages. The third edition will also contain background information I was previously not able to share about what's happened since 2005.....and that is a lot. You'll be glad I delved deeper I'm sure.
New information includes:
  • After the first edition and second editions were released, I was inundated with 1,000’s of emails from readers telling me their own horrific stories. Some of these appear in the new edition.
  • I wrote a five-page letter to the National Executive of the Assemblies of God summarizing those emails and requested a meeting. The entire letter, details of the meeting and outcomes are included.
  • My meeting with the Hon. Michael Kirby after the first edition – content and outcome of that meeting
  • The latest relevant information about the six bible verses used to condemn gay and lesbian people. 
  • Inside information about Australian and US ex-gay/conversion therapy programs
  • Scandals involving high profile Christian leaders. What’s really going on?
  • Founding Freedom2b and Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International and what they have achieved.
  • Facts and figures from research on sexual orientation, homophobia and the gay community
  • Details of the wins, struggles, challenges and lessons learnt as an LGBT community leader.
  • Delves much deeper into the internal conversations, levels of resolution, new found sense of spirituality and personal growth.
  • .......and much more

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